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Who we are

Forex Factbook is a product line under the VG Investment Group founded by a group of traders with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.

With our experiences, we find that the right investment direction are essential when investing in the Forex market. Thus, we aim to develop the reliable resources for traders in the Forex market, from choosing a broker to being able to profit from the market.

Our main benefits are not from broker advertising, but from the trust of our supportive investors as well as income from investing in the financial market with multiple assets. We are therefore impartial and advise investors without bias.

What we do

Our main job is trading in the Forex market. It is important to choose a broker to reduce our trading disadvantage. We therefore provide Forex brokerages reviews and other information where it is used in our work. Not to waste the information we ‘ve study on. We,therefore, create contents and share them for traders.

How we select Forex brokers

We are a speculative company in Forex trading. We therefore chose a broker that offers services based on the criteria we actually use, with the following parameters.

  • Low cost of trading : spreads, swap, and commission
  • Reputation of the Broker such as regulators, size of the firm, a clear data from reference website like wikipedia,trustpilot.
  • Researched from traders’ opinions from over 30 different Forex websites.

Our team

Our team of article writers act differently, everyone is a trader and experienced in the Forex market.


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